Pablo Garcia Gomez & Iwona Ionescu

Pablo, who is originally from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, has studied tango in his home country and in the United States. He also earned a Tango Teaching Certificate from the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires.

A native of Poland, Iwona explored a few other forms of dance before taking up tango, which she has studied in depth and practiced locally.

Pablo and Iwona have studied with various master teachers and they both have backgrounds in education as well as many years of pedagogical experience, which they apply to their tango teaching. Recognizing the complexity of the dance and learning processes, they scaffold the learning experience of tango so that dancers can feel at ease connecting movements and improvising even right at the beginning stages of their learning.

Pablo and Iwona teach Argentine tango in New Jersey at Jersey Dance (West Windsor Arts Center), at the Princeton Adult School, and at Viva Tango, also in Princeton, where they are currently artists in residence.