Sunday, February 19, 3-6:30 pm

As a social dance that evolved right from the streets, Argentine Tango has achieved an extraordinary amount of complexity in terms of structure, improvisation, lead-and-follow, and musicality.  However, Argentine Tango still largely lacks a systematic means of preparing the body to dance.  In order to develop strength, stamina, flexibility, postural integrity, and basic technical know-how, it is very useful to look outside the realm of tango.  To this end, Kip Martin and Meredith Klein have designed a special one-day seminar, Ocho Exercises to Improve Your Ochos.

I've given Kip a list of the 8 most entrenched errors I see that keep tango dancers from reaching their potential, and Kip has designed exercises using concepts from ballet, pilates, and other disciplines specifically to address those errors.  The seminar will consist of one 1.5-hour workshop with Kip, followed by one 1.5-hour workshop with me, in which we'll take the technique concepts and exercises presented in the first workshop and apply them directly to tango.  My cutesy title notwithstanding, the workshop will help you improve all aspects of your tango from lead and follow, to sacadas, boleos, and adornments, to balance, posture, and strength.

Students will leave the workshop with worksheets detailing the exercises covered.  This workshop is for men and women, and men are especially encouraged to attend!  There will be a significant lead-and-follow component in the second part of the workshop. 

Sunday, February 19, 3-6:30 pm

3-4:30 pm: Workshop taught by Kip Martin
5-6:30 pm: Workshop taught by Meredith Klein

Location: Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, 2030 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Workshop Cost: $65


Please come prepared to move, including doing exercises on the ground (ladies, please wear pants, not skirts).  And please bring socks or flat shoes.












  photo: Angie Chung