Festival Prep Workshop
Tips, Tricks & Tools for Newer Dancers
Thursday, May 25, 7-9 pm

How and when should I ask someone to dance?  How do I recognize different types of tango music (tango, milonga and vals)?  How many songs am I committing to, if I ask someone to dance, or accept someone’s request?

Argentine Tango is in some ways its own world, with customs and etiquette that are unique to itself.  As a newer dancer, sometimes these practices may seem bewildering.

Luckily, Barbara Kountouzi and Kristin Balmer, tango dancers and teachers with a combined 35 years on the dance floor, are here to break it all down for you, and get you prepared to have a FANTASTIC time at the Philadelphia International Tango Festival (June 1-4).  They are offering a one-night workshop on Thursday, May 25 from 7-9 pm, in place of our regular Thursday night classes.

Topics covered will include:

  • music: what's a tanda, cortina, what to do during breaks, etc
  • dance invitations, asking peers, as well as advanced dancers
  • dancefloor etiquette - how to enter the ronda/leader cabeceo, how to finish a dance and leave the floor

Bring your questions!  They will be answered!

Cost: $22

Special deal: If you currently own any kind of class card (beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate/advanced), you may pay with that.  Yes, that’s a big discount! To pay with a class card, just show up on the day of.