Weekly Close Embrace Tango Class
**NEW TIME** Sundays, 6-7:30 pm

“A hug a day keeps the sads away!”

The Philadelphia Argentine Tango School has added a new intermediate-level tango class to our curriculum. Barbara Kountouzi teaches a class on Tango de Salon (Close Embrace Tango) every Sunday, in which students learn the subtle intricacies that make close-embrace dancing safe, comfortable, and FUN!

The series focuses on four aspects of connection: connecting to ourselves, to our partner, to the music, and to the dancers around us. We explore the ways in which each of these connections shapes possibilities for conversation, communication and interpretation.

The class is open to students who have completed an advanced beginner tango series or intensive. Because the class will focus on perfecting fundamentals (an ongoing process for all of us), it is as useful to students who have been dancing 2 months, as to those who have been dancing 20 years. Participants will have opportunities to challenge themselves at their own level of skill and comfort.

Prerequisite: must love hugs!

Sunday, 6-7:30 pm with an extra hour of practice for class participants until 8:30 pm

Location: 2030 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Cost: $19 or use your class card

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