Carla Marano:

Carla belongs to a generation of dancers that helped transform tango from a popular dance form with virtually no pedagogy, into a highly-sophisticated, deeply-understood art form. This was accomplished through many years of penetrating investigation into its movement technique, technical language and musical interpretation. Carla was an essential part of this investigative process, which has fueled the evolution of the dance, and its explosive popularity worldwide.

Over the years, Carla has devised her own didactic method based on her unique approach to the dance, a system which she has been able to share with colleagues from different generations and styles. She gave courses in different academic institutions, organizations and special events in Buenos Aires, such as La Viruta, CITA, and Festivals of the City Government of Buenos Aires, among others. Since 2013 she runs the popular investigation space ‘La Propuesta' with Octavio Fernandez in La Viruta and El Juvenil.

She has completed two extended 2-month residencies in Philadelphia in 2016 and 2017, and been featured at our 2017 Philadelphia International Tango Festival. She is one of our all-time favorite guest instructors in Philly.

Please read on for Carla's complete CV.

TRAINING: Ballet, Classical Spanish Dance, Contemporary Dance, Feldenkreis, Contact Improvisation, Pilates Reformer
** Carla began her studies in Ballet and Classical Spanish dances at the age of 5, and in 1986 she obtained her title of Teacher of Declamation and Dance at the Dance National School in Buenos Aires.
** Between 1986 and 1996 she continued her studies in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, with the great masters in Argentina, including Estela Erman, Sonia Von Potobsky, Lilian Ballesta, Cristina Barnils, Roxana Grinstein, Ana Frenkel, Nora Codina.
** She also complemented her dance studies with other body-centered techniques like the Feldenkrais Method, Singing with Mariano Pattin, Contact Improvisation and Body Work by Alito Alessi, and Pilates with Paula Rubin, Andrea Gomez, and Alejandra San Martin.
** In 1989-1992 she was part of the Ballet of Estela Erman.
** In 1993 -1996 she was part of the Company Nora Codina for Experimentation at the Center Opera and Ballet Theater Colón.
** In 1995 she performed in the physical theatre show ‘Polaroid’ by Mariano Pattin.

In September 1994, Carla started learning Argentine Tango, her first teachers were Luis Solanas and Cecilia Troncoso, the founders of the historic Tango school La Viruta.
** From 1995 till 2001 she continued her studies with several renowned dancers and teachers as Natalia Games, Gabriel Angió, Graciela Gonzalez, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Mariano Frumboli, Claudia Jakobsen, Lucia Mazer.
** To this day Carla keeps on investigating and training with her peers to better her understanding of the dance and keep up-to-date with the its developments.

** Since 1995 she has been part of the staff of Teachers of La Viruta in Buenos Aires.
** Between 1999 and 2005, she was an important part in the development of the Tango Discovery Method created by Mauricio Castro, through which she achieved a particular style in her dance and her teaching.
** Carla belongs to a generation of dancers that changed the teachings of this dance into a fine investigation of its movement technique, its technical language and its musical interpretation.
** Since 2013 she runs the popular investigation space ‘La Propuesta' with Octavio Fernandez in La Viruta and El Juvenil, and also in schools around the world.
** Since 2013 is Pilates Reformer Instructor.

2000 — Festival of Tango, Roma, Italy.
2001 — Festival of Chaillot Theatre, Paris, France.
2002 CITA Tango Festival, with Mauricio Castro. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2001-2004 — Workshops in the Tango Festival of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
2003-2004 —Invited for 2-month teaching term at the school Mordida de Tango in Paris, France.
2004 — Toured with Mauricio Castro: Festival of Tango, Istanbul, Turkey. Germany, Japan, Korea, Canada. Festival of Tango Discovery in Wuppertal, Germany.
2006 — Festival de Tango Queer in Buenos Aires.
2007- 2012 — She is part of ‘Sensaciones de Tango’ the show of the historic Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires, directed by Flavio Catuara and Gladys Barreiro, first as a dancer and then as Assistant Choreographer.
2010 — Toured in Europe teaching in Milan, Italy (Mariposita), Rotterdam, Holland (Cuartito Azul), with Aoniken Quiroga.
— In Berlin, Germany, in Cracow, Poland.
2011 — Misterio Tango Festival in Buenos Aires with Aoniken Quiroga.
— Festival Internacional de Tango en El Bolson, Argentina with El Chino Necchi.
2012 — Toured with El Chino Necchi:
— Misterio Tango Festival en Buenos Aires.
— Workshops at Rosario, Argentina.
— Invited to do long terms teaching at La Officina del Tango en Trieste, Italy.
— Performances en Berlin, Alemania.
— Workshops at Tango Tangent, Bucarest, Timisoara, Rumania.
— Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival, Croacia.
— Festival de Biezemortel, Holland.
— Regular classes at Viva La Pepa and Milonga Orsay, Buenos Aires.
2013 — Invited to do long terms teaching at La Officina del Tango en Trieste, Italy.
2014 — Special Workshop at El Faro, Rosario, Argentina, organized by Pata Rigatuso.
2015 — Toured with Octavio Fernandez, as "La Propuesta" giving workshops at CocoGardel, tango school in Lausanne, Switzerland, at La Officina del Tango en Trieste, Italy, in Milan, Italy and in Berlin, Germany. Performance for the Aniversary of Volkswagen, Germany.
2016 — Invited to do long-term residency at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School.