Octavio & Carla: Classes

Octavio & Carla will be teaching our Monday & Wednesday classes from July 5 through August 9. Carla will stay on an extra week, and teach through Wednesday, August 16. In addition to the regular classes described below, please check out a number of special workshops that Octavio & Carla will be giving during their time in Philly.

MONDAYS, July 10-August 14
7-8 pm: Tango Technique. All Levels. $10
8-9:30 pm: Intermediate Tango. $25 or use class card.Special drop-in price for both classes: $30

Monday Topics:
July 10: Impulses - Leading & Following Steps of Different Sizes.  Differentiating between a lead that generates one movement vs. multiple movements.

July 17: Tango Structure – All the steps that it is possible to coordinate between two people within the classic tango embrace.  Without using any elements besides the walk.

July 24: Turns (Giros) – Structure, rhythm.  Turns that revolve around the leader, and turns in which the center is constantly shifting (through sacadas, for example).  How does this change the follower’s turn?  We will also address how to transition from a linear walk into the giro.

July 31: Follower’s Boleos – Synchronization, timing, impulses, changes of speed.

August 7: Ganchos – Various combinations that include ganchos for the leader or follower, within the structure of tango.

August 14: Improvisation – Cycles of combinations of distinct elements (i.e. sacadas, ganchos, barridas, boleos) in various orders.

WEDNESDAYS, July 5-August 16
7:30-9 pm: Advanced Tango. $25 or use class card. Pay for the class and stay for the practica for free.

Wednesday Topics:

July 5: Musicality – Focusing on the basics of musicality through practical exercises that teach us to:
* Recognize the opening and closing of the musical phrase;
* Recognize the basic rhythm;
* Recognize the melody;
* Use these different elements in actual improvisation on the dance floor.

July 12: Milonga – Studying milonga rhythm, and the movements that are convenient to use with it

July 19: Paradas (Stops) & Arrastres (Drags) – Making contact with the foot to which the follower is transferring weight, without invading her space.  Using this contact to generate drags, or simply to create a parade (stop) and then invite her to pass over the foot.

July 26: Vals! – Rhythms & Movements that work well with this vals music

August 2: Rebotes (rebounds), with both partners moving in the same direction, or in opposite directions.

August 9: Various Ways to Change System, through an extra step of the leader, or with his leading her to take an extra step.

August 16: Sequences with Different Rhythms, and with different combinations of Elements.

Regular pricing applies for all of our weekly classes during the residency, and class cards are accepted (of coruse!). To purchase a class card, please head to our SECURE REGISTRATION SITE.