Angeles Chanaha & Kristian Velazquez

Angeles Chanaha

Angeles was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tango, folklore and classical music were always present in her home. Her parents' circle of friends, mostly writers and artists, would frequently gather in her home where she was profoundly influenced by many of the great musicians, composers, poets, and singers who created the music and recordings used throughout the tango world today. She began her dance training at the age of five studying ballet, folk dancing and gymnastics until she was introduced in 1996 to the great love of her life, tango. From that moment on she dedicated her life to studying, practicing, dancing, performing and teaching this elegant and sensual dance form. She spent her formative years in the Buenos Aires of the 1990's and early 2000's going from classes to practicas to milongas. While she studied with many of the great tango masters, the ones who influenced her most deeply and with whom she studied regularly over a period of 12 years were Jose Garofalo, Mora Godoy, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida as well as Gustavo Naveira, Olga Besio, Fabian Salas, Alejandra Mantinan and Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli.

Today, she is one of the most exquisite female tango dancers in the world "the tango princess", bringing to this dance all the passion of her personality in a unique combination of traditional, modern and stage tango techniques. Her style is recognizable, sensual and playful with a sensitive aesthetic mark while displaying powerful dynamics. By combining different influences and creating her unique style, Angeles has enhanced the role of the woman in this dance.

She has performed with two of the most renowned male dancers of all times, Miguel Angel Zotto -creator of Tango x dos- and Tony Award winner Carlos Gavito, as well as accompanying singer Julio Iglesias on tour as guest dancer and Luis Miguel. Among her many achievements, she has danced at Cafe Tortoni, accompanied by the orchestra 'Los Cosos de al Lao', and has participated regularly as a guest instructor in the Buenos Aires Tango Festival.

In 2005, shortly after her move to the United States, Angeles, together with former dance partner Michael Nadtochi, founded TangOblivion Dance Company which offers group lessons, coaching classes, milongas and practicas in New York and New Jersey.

In 2015 and after many years of research, Angeles developed "Holistic Tango" a new approach to holistic healing based on the power of the Embrace to bring Love, Peace and Joy to ourselves and to everyone around us.

Angeles is featured as a principal dancer in the upcoming 2017 Steven Spielberg motion pictures film "The post".

Currently Angeles teaches in New York City.

Kristian Velazquez

Tango dancer, instructor, Dj, choreographer, and organizer, Kristian Velazquez has been dedicating himself to explore the world of Tango for over 10 years.

As a dancer, he was semi-finalist of the Tango World Championship in the City of Buenos Aires in 2011. He won first and second place in other competitions of the city of Montevideo, Uruguay; where he grew up and learned how to dance.
His passion for movement and dancing started when he was a kid, studying and practicing regularly Martial Arts, Clown and Yoga. These different background styles have contributed as a foundation for the understanding and approach he brings to the Tango dance.

His curiosity and love for music started at a very young age while his grandparents were listening and singing to tango tunes. He developed a keen ear for selecting pleasant songs to dance. Today as a Dj he carefully mixes his songs in a way that is much fun to dance while mixing the energies of the different orchestras in a very pleasant way.

Currently, Kristian teaches private lessons and group classes, as well as organizes practicas and special events in NYC, NJ and Connecticut.


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