Sunday, November 11, 2012 -

featuring the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet of Buenos Aires

A HUGE THANK YOU to the many people without whose help this event could not have taken place:

  • Ruba Club-Studios (Thank you, Rich!)
  • The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet: Alejandro Ziegler, Ariel Obregon, Javier Omar Jose Stromann, and Ignacio Javier Quiroz
  • DJ Ewa von Esse
  • All the local tango teachers & organizers who helped us get the word out
  • Ana Kostich
  • Matt McLaughlin
  • Amy He
  • Sergio Rojstaczer
  • Stephen Macbeth
  • Jerry Klein
  • Leticia Ortega
  • Christina Mantey
  • Anonymous Donor

To see photos from this event, please click here.

Do you love Di Sarli, Pugliese and Troilo? Do you mourn the fact that you were born in the wrong place and time to hear these amazing orchestra leaders play live? The Philadelphia Argentine Tango School is very pleased to be able to present the next best thing. The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet from Buenos Aires plays authentic arrangements from the Golden Age of Tango (the 1940s and 1950s), recreating the sound of the orchestras of Di Sarli, Pugliese, Troilo, Gobbi and other musicians to whom we generally have access only in recordings. As you will hear, it is something else entirely to hear this music and this style played live.

The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet has performed across the milonga circuit in Buenos Aires, played 150 concerts in 80 European cities, and toured the US as well. On Sunday, November 11, they will perform in Philadelphia for the first time at a very special milonga at the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties. We are calling the event "Milonga de Los Cuarenta" (Milonga of the 1940s) in recognition of the extremely fruitful decade that produced most of the music that we will be dancing to. The milonga will be preceded by "Ear Training for Dancers," a workshop on Tango Musicality given by pianist Alejandro Ziegler himself. We very much hope that you can join us for an extremely special night.

6-7:30 pm: Ear Training for Tango Dancers taught by Alejandro Ziegler

7:30-8:15 pm: All-levels Tango Lesson (Beginners Welcome!)

8:15 pm–midnight: Milonga de Los Cuarenta featuring the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet playing live and with DJ Ewa von Esse

Location: Ruba Club, 414 Green St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


***Pre-registration has been extended through midnight on Thursday, November 8. Click here to pre-register online at significant savings.***

At the door (cash only):
Musicality Workshop - $35
Milonga (includes beginner lesson) - $30
Workshop + Milonga - $60



watch videos of the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet