Special Wednesday: Workshop & Live Music by Emiliano Messiez (piano) and Javier Sanchez (bandoneon)

Join us for a truly remarkable Wednesday night when we have the chance to study tango musicality with world-class musicians, and then enjoy exquisite LIVE MUSIC during Milonga El Puntazo. Both from Argentina, Emiliano & Javier are some of the most in-demand tango musicians living in the US. They brought the house down when they performed in Philadelphia at Milonga Qilombo this past November. You can read their complete bios here.

7:30-9 pm: Workshop - How Do We Embody What We Hear in Tango Music? A tango musicality workshop for dancers. Taught by Emiliano Messiez & Javier Sanchez. All levels welcome.

Workshop Description:
The goal of this workshop is to unite the worlds of music and dance and to think them as one world, only. This bridging of sound and movement is what happens between two people in a Tango embrace as they dance, and what occurs between musicians and their instruments when they perform.
The Tango Musicality Workshop for Dancers will explore the key elements of music in Tango, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre, texture, tempo, beat, etc. and explain how dancers can recognize them in both live and recorded Tango examples. We will also discuss the music language of Tango, clarifying common terms that are often confused or mistaken, and providing tools and implements that will improve the way you listen to this wonderful music while you dance.

Workshop Cost: If you have or purchase a class card, the cost is as usual. If you are paying at the door, the cost tonight is $30 (milonga included).

9 pm-midnight: Milonga El Puntazo featuring LIVE MUSIC for dancing

Milonga Cost: If you attend the workshop, the milonga is free, as always. If you have a Milonga El Puntazo class card, you can use that. If you pay at the door, the cost tonight is $15.

Location: Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, 2030 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

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